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Lithuania on the Baltic states is the furthest south, it is also the largest and most populous contry. Lithuania first broke away from the Soviet Union and gained independence,  in 1990th 11th of March. Lithuania's landscape is predominantly flat. Highest point is 294 meters high. Lithuania have 758 rivers, more than 2,800 lakes and 99 km long Baltic Sea coastline. Forests cover just over 30% of the national territory. The capital is Vilnius on the Neris river banks, and the old architecture is one of the finest throughout Eastern Europe. Its university, founded in the 1579th year, is housed in a Renaissance-style building complex, which has numerous courtyards, forming a "city within a city." Lithuanian cuisine is famous for cold beet soup. Menus on a regular basis and crab fries. The most popular potato dishes are potato pancakes and zeppelins with meat, cheese or mushrooms.



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