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Strictly forbidden for transportation items
• Ammunition, firearms, explosives, shotguns, sporting gun
• any items that look like firearms, explosives or ammunition
• flammable substances (except for the hair spray, alcohol, cologne, perfume)
• radioactive substances
• Liquefied natural gas (except for CO2, is used to operate the prosthesis, with a flammable gas cylinders used to inflate life jackets)
• infectious or toxic agents
• corrosives (except for mercury in barometers, thermometers, batteries, wheelchair)
• Diplomats and portfolios, equipped with lithium batteries, built-in alarm devices or pyrotechnic materials
• substances and objects that threaten the life, safety, health or property of passengers on board
• any substances prohibited by the laws and regulations of the countries through which the shipment is
• any item that is not suitable for transportation by any characteristics (weight, size or other)
• human remains
And as for the carriage of goods will not be accepted are:
• pose a threat to property, people, or safety of the airplane
• can be damaged during transportation
• Improperly packaged
• prohibited by applicable laws, regulations or orders of the States, to / from or over which the flight passes
• unsuitable for transport because of any unusual characteristics (size, weight or other)
• may cause frustration or inconvenience passengers

The airline has the right to refuse to transport a passenger tries to bring in any of the above items

 HAND BAGGAGE regulations in the EU

Hand baggage is allowed to take small amounts of liquids. Liquids must be in individual containers  (jars, tubes), not exceeding 100 ml each, not exceeding one liter in total. These containers are placed in a transparent bag, maximum size is 20 x 20 cm

  • Liquid substances are:
    • substances, the packaging of which is under pressure, including shaving foam or other foam;
    • water and other drinks, soups, syrups and deodorants;
    • creams, lotions and oils;
    • paste, and toothpaste;

• perfumes, aerosols;
• mascara;
• gels, including shower gel and hair;
• any other substances similar origin.

The airport should be all liquid substances that are taking with you, put in a separate checkpoints.
Laptops and other electrical appliances to choose from hand luggage for separate inspection.
Condition does not extend to other liquid substances that you rent in checked baggage. In carry-on luggage you can carry medicines and essential dietary products as well as baby food, for use during the flight.
You can buy liquids such as drinks or perfumes in the EU airport shops located after the checkpoint. When you purchase must present a boarding pass. If a liquid sold in special packaging, do not open it up to pass the checkpoint. Otherwise, the contents may be confiscated at the checkpoint. If you need to change trains at the airport in the EU, do not unpack the package to pass the checkpoint. In case you need to change more than once - in the last airport.

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