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Privacy and Data Processing Policy


1. Gathering of the personal information


SIA ALANI, as owner and manager of the flight tickets reservation system at the website BODE.lv (hereafter – ALANI) for the purposes of a flight ticket booking and passenger checking-in on the flight, requests from the user following information:


- first name;
- last name;
- birth date;

- passport data (is necessary);
- contact person;
- e-mail address of the contact person;
- phone number address of the contact person.



2. Using of personal information by ALANI


Passenger’s first name, last name, birth date and passport data are used for a flight ticket booking and checking him/her in on the flight. This data, to the extent required for a specific order, being forwarded for processing of a booking to booking system of an airline, which handles transportation according to a specific order, either directly, or via Global Distribution System - GDS (Travelport, Amadeus or Galileo).

Phone number and e-mail address of the contact person are only used for communication with the user for the purpose of processing and handling of the order received from the user. After fulfillment of its obligations according to a specific order, ALANI does not communicate with the user, except cases of emergency, e.g. for forwarding airline’s messages about flight schedule change or cancelling of the flight.


Within certain periods ALANI issues newsletters to its users.

By placing order user agrees on using his/her e-mail address by ALANI for sending such newsletters. User can unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time - see chapter "User’s rejection of further communication with ALANI".


Processing of user’s personal information in the Company being carried both manually and automatically.

Only employees, who fulfilled flowing procedures, are allowed to process personal information:

- familiarization of an employee with company’s regulatory documents (rules, instructions etc.), strictly setting order and procedures of work with user’s personal information;

- acquiring employee’s signature under confidentiality agreement regarding user’s personal information;

Employees, who have access to the user’s personal information, receive user’s personal information only to the extent required for fulfilling their specific duties.


User’s personal information is stored in electronic format. In such electronic format user’s personal information being stored in the company’s personal data systems. Organizational and technical measures are taken for user’s personal information storage, which ensures its safety and prevents unsanctioned access to it.

Such measures are:

- assigning employee, responsible for one or another mean storage of user’s personal information;

- limitation of the physical access to places of storage and storage medium;

- registration of all of the information systems and storage medium, as well as archive copies.



3. Conditions of passenger’s personal information transfer by ALANI to third parties


Passenger’s personal information is transferred by ALANI only to a third party, which is involved in processing of the specific order:

- airline;

- Global Distribution System - GDS, with following forwarding of the data to the corresponding airline,

and solely in a purpose of fulfillment of Air carriage agreement obligations, providing of special services and facilitation of check-in and boarding procedures.


ALANI has right to provide passenger’s personal information to government authorities after official and legaly sound written request from their site.


ALANI is not responsible for the losses resulting from the imprecise or incomplete data, submitted by user while placing an order.



4. Change or deletion of user’s personal information

User can change or delete his personal information by submission of written request to the ALANI’s office.
ALANI replies to the address, stated in the request, within 30 days.



5. User’s rejection of further communication with ALANI  


ALANI uses user’s personal information solely with the purpose of processing and handling of the order received from the user. After fulfillment of its obligations according to a specific order, ALANI does not communicate with the user, except cases of emergency stated above.

Exception is user’s e-mail address, used for sending him/her newsletters. In case if user cancels such newsletters, he/she need to send an e-mail with subject 'unsubscribe' to the e-mail address bode[at]bode.lv.



6. Cookies

We use cookies on the BODE.LV homepage. By using the website, user confirms that he/she agrees to use cookies.

Usage of cookies

Cookies help to improve and upgrade the experience of website visitors by keeping and recognising the user's individual settings and responding accordingly.
The Google Analytics service that uses cookies is connected to the website of BODE.LV.
You can decline using cookies by deleting them or changing the internet browser settings, by completely or partially declining their use.



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